Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Crazy Busy ... it's a good thing!

After being off for almost five weeks, it has been a CRAZY BUSY month for the band with a total of TEN gigs in 28 days! It's been soooo cool to be back, however, that we've hardly noticed.
The gigs this past weekend were really two very unique ones. On Saturday, we were back at Pat O'Brien's on the Riverwalk, one of our favorite places to play. While this is a major pain to load in and out of, and downtown parking is pricey, I would never give up this gig. Scott and the management take SUCH good care of us, spotting us a bar tab, and giving us a bonus this time around. They were kind enough to feature the band in the TV commercial they have, and that is the kind of publicity you can't buy!
The show was INCREDIBLE ... easily the best and most crowded one we have had down there. The people were just so cool all night and really got into it, which, in turn, fires us up to play better! I can always tell when it is a good night when it seems to fly by, and this night certainly did. I felt like I could have played 4 more hours! Everyone was really on top of ther game and the PA sounded great.
Scott was, once again, very cool to us and gave us a bonus along with a bar tab, so it was a great situation all around. Now I have heard certain bands in SA bitch and whine that why should they play for what others tell them, rather than what they want ... these are bands that cancel at the last minute with no explanation to take another gig and leave Pat O'Brien's management hanging ... all I have to say is: KARMA ... what goes around comes around. When a local cover band starts to think it is just the shit, and can act like divas, that band isn't going to be around for long, as their reputation will suffer and their gigs will dry up. The egos in those band will eventually explode and take everyone down with them. That is why I stress for everyone in AE to be humble .. we are truly lucky to be in demand, and to be able to play these great gigs, and to have a good reputation with bar owners, but that can be undone in seconds. When someone comes up to one of us during a break or after a gig and tells us how much they liked us, then say thank you, and please come again. Put on your best show no mattrer how many people are out there ... they deserve it and you are cheating no one but yourself if you do any less.
On Sunday, we played about an hour set at the Slinging Ink Tattoo Expo at the Airport Convention Center. We've done a lot of shows with Nikita Productions, and while I enjoy them, they need to gfet their stage and sound issues taken care of. We received excellent publicity from this show, which was good because we did the show for free! It was fun to play on the big stage with a huge sound system!
Seeing more than 100 tattoo artists was pretty cool as well, but I decided not to get any more ink this time around. One thing I had to laugh about was how the appearance of several porn stars was played up. First you have Ron Jeremy ... the Hedgehog. This guy had his heyday a looong time ago, and now just looks like a disgusting fat slob. With his gut, I don't think he's SEEN his famous schlong for a long time! And then in the VIP tent, I see the guy sticking his finger in different food items to taste them. I mean, who knows where that finger has been .. actually, most people probably do know..it's all on video!
And the female porn stars ... I don't know ... they looked pretty skankalanking to me. I mean, there were girls walking around that were ten times hotter than any one of these so-called porn stars. I'm no expert in adult entertainment, but c'mon, they could have done better than these three tired-looking, spaced-out women!
Lots of gigs coming up for March as well, and we're working on learning a lot of new material.



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