Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sharing advice for bands - Pt. II

Make Your Band Stand Out with Proof

By Dave Jackson
Author of the book "Get Your Band Out of the Basement and keep them out of the asylum" available at

I always drop of posters, or flyers to a club a few weeks (if not a month) before the gig to help promote my band's appearance. In some cases the club did not put them up (I always offer, and bring my own tape). I've had some club owners ask what other actions I've taken to promote the band. While you can answer "I sent out an email to our fans" you can also prove this. Let me explain

When you send an email out to your fan list, be sure to include yourself on that message. Remember the club owner is going to be reading this so be sure to mention what a great club this and how excited you are to be playing there.

Then when the message arrives, be sure to forward it to the club owner, or dj, or podcast producer. Now not only did you tell them how you promote the appearance, you are proving it.

VERY IMPORTANT: I did NOT say ADD THEM TO YOUR MAILING LIST. They know where your website is, they know how to subscribe, if they wanted to be on your list, they would subscribe themselves. Keep in mind, unwanted email is called spam, and it’s illegal. Don't do it.

So the key is to send the mail to yourself, and then forward it to the club owner, dj, or podcaster. Keep in ind the club owner wants patrons, the DJ and the podcaster want listeners. When they see the proof that you are doing your best to bring them what they want, they will appreciate it.

I was talking with Rich Palmer who produces a podcast. He said he often sees a spike for his podcast when bands "openly" promote it (list it on their website, send it to their fans, etc). Now if Rich has two bands that want on his show, who do you think he is going to play? The one who does nothing or the one that promotes it.

Don't leave these people guessing. You can prove you are promoting the appearance


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