Sunday, February 18, 2007

The future's so bright ....

.... I gotta wear shades! Things have been going incredibly well, and it's only our seventh gig wit the new lineup! Case in point, last night at the Revolution Room, our first show there. Pretty much, bands are background music there, while people head to one of the other four bars in the vclub. But we had people coming in, staying to watch the band, or coming back after they cruised the rest of the place!
The Rev Room has some pretty impressive eye candy coming and going in there, and where the girls go, the guys will follow! And we had plenty of both hanging out in the bad area, and the band responded to the great crowd. Brett did a phenomenal job getting the crowd into it, and I though we sounded great. Everyone was "on" musically, and the PA sounded great. With some tweaking of the sound system, it'll only get better!
We should be getting back into the Rev Room, but they are pretty booked through June, so it might take a while. The was a "foot in the door" gig, and I think we pretty firmly established our credentials! This will be a NICE place to add to our rotation!
I've said it before and I'll say it again ... it is FUN t play in this band again! Thanks to Brett, Paul and Tony for doing such a great job, and BIG THANKS to our families, friends, and fans for supporting us so much in the past, present and future!


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