Monday, March 20, 2006

Private parties

Well, found out today that someone who had reserved us for a private party well over a month ago, decided to cancel out, leaving us with a hole to fill on our schedule in early May. Hate to sound like a prick, but this is WHY I don't really push for bookings for parties ... too unpredictable and too unreliable. We've repeatedly lost time, money and gigs because someone said they'd book us for a private party, then back out near to the date.

If anyone is interested in booking us for a party, please realize we are now booking 2 and 3 months ahead of time! There will also be a non-refundable deposit of 20 percent of the fee required upfront, and a contract will be signed. I've got to run this band like a business, that's the bottom line!

Parties in San Antonio will be booked for $500 and up, and out of town parties will be $600 and up, depending on location, date and time.


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