Monday, October 31, 2005

The Verizon gig - opening for Cheap Trick and Def Leppard

WOW! What an amazing show Sunday at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, playing on the second stage before the Cheap Trick/Def Leppard show! It was great. Since we were on early, like right when the gates opened, we didn't get a HUGE crowd, but it was pretty respectable as people started coming over to get beer and stuff. Being that the second stage is on the far side of the amphitheatre as you come in, most people probably didnt even know we were there. By the time we finished, we had several hundred people watching.
The tie-in with K-ROCK started a little late, so we played for a solid hour before yielding to the costume contest, and then the first act came on...some guy with an acoustic guitar. We got nothing but praise from all the folks who checked us out and even our soundman and security were impressed!
They were particularly amused when our lead singer Bruce decided to jump off the stage. The stage there is almost six feet off the ground, so Bruce misjudged it a little and took a little tumble, but got up like "I meant to do that!" He was a trooper and never missed a beat, so I have to give him credit.
The Pace Concert promotions people loved us and couldn't say enough nice things about our performance, so that was very gratifying. They told us they'll definitely use us again in the future. Plus we got paid $200 for an hour's work AND got great seats for the show!
The show....WOW! Cheap Trick were awesome. Huge sound, especially from the 12-string bass of Thom Peterson and the guitar of Rick Nielsen. And Def Leppard...these guys have still got it in spades. Possibly one of the best shows I have EVER seen. Amazing stage and light show, impeccable sound, amazing vocals and guitar. And it was one hit after another. After a while, it was just a mass of people swaying back and forth and singing along with every song.
For 25 years as a band, Def Leppard still know how to bring it! And to think that some of these guys were just 15 or 16 when the first album came out, all the band members are just in their early or mid-forties! I honestly don't remember songlists or the order they were played in, but I know that no one was disappointed in either band. They heard all their favorites and the bands were definitely into it, and appreciated the very loud response from the San Antonio audience.


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That's so awesome that you guys got to do that! I wish I could have gone! Funny story about At least he played it off!

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